NetFlow Config Generation Tool for Security Analytics! BETA

This tool can help you check about NetFlow support and can provide you with the Configuration to enable NetFlow on your Network Platforms for doing Security Analytics

The configurations provided here are crowd-sourced. For sharing any platform's config / reporting corrections / feedback, send an email to Anand Kanani - [email protected].

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Terms of Use

  • This tool is available for use in 'AS-IS' form, without any form of support or liabilities. Note that this Tool is a Hobby Project of the author and is not endorsed by any Vendor.
  • This tool and its outputs are NOT validated by the tool's author or by any Vendor. DO REMEMBER to check and validate the output from this tool with the Product's Configuration Guide from Vendor's Official Website.
  • Do fill up the tiny anonymous survey, it keeps us motivated and helps us to use the results at appropriate places in order to keep this tool alive. Link will appear at the end of the tool workflow.
  • By using this tool, you agree with the above terms.

Choose the Network Device on which you want to configure Flow Telemetry and its parameters :-